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Our logistic division offers a cargo-handling service by means of the use of our very own structures and systems, optimizing costs and offering a personalised service, which guarantees strict control over cargo.

One Fast Express’ Diagnosis service provides consultancy and offers companies the ideal solutions for the management of logistics. This service offers study, analysis and diagnosis of the internal logistics status within the Company, providing the customer with both the expertise and know-how of our professional network.

Our In-House Service offers the possibility of managing the logistics of companies within their own working space, providing the expertise of its professional network.

One Fast Express E-Logistics Service manages the value of products even beyond E-Commerce and Marketplace, offering flexible, fast and secure outsourcing. Through our E-Logistics Service, documentation is managed, tracked and monitoring of merchandise, optimizing costs and time. E-Logistics Service reduces the complexity of online sales through proper management of the resources, with the ability to provide products that are tailored to the needs of the customer.

One Fast Express’ Exchange of Information between our Partners and Clients through our own Shipment Management System (SMS) is also something that we can be proud of. From Reception of Import Operations to Delivery Status Notification, Control of Shipments using Barcode Readers, information is returned to Clients or delegation with details of using online means.

We also provide liaison services for all our Clients Insurance needs, ranging from marine and air cargo shipment to storage risk coverage.