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Volumetric/Dimensional Weight: Measure according length, width and height of the parcel.

Shipping large or irregular shaped items can be influenced by the amount of space it occupies (volumetric weight) rather than the actual weight.

Volumetric weight is calculated by Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 5000 = Kilograms

Length is defined as the longest side of the package. Height is the shortest side of the package.

For International Shipping,

Volumetric charges = (L x W x H) cm / 5000

Maximum Dimension: 300cm (L + W + H), with the greatest dimension not exceeding 150cm.

Actual weight and volumetric weight are considered in the actual shipping cost whichever is higher.

Yes, One Fast Express provides pick up services. Please call our Hotline to
arrange for a pick-up service and our dispatcher will be there to collect your
parcel. Terms & conditions apply.

Additional surcharge of RM5 per trip (excludes 6% SST) is required for
unlimited amount of pick-up parcel. Free pick-up service for One Fast Express
members only.

  1. Single parcel dimensional weight limit:
    1. Longest length must not more than 150cm.
    2. Length + Width + Height must not more than 300cm.
  2. Single parcel actual weight limit is 70kg.

Please note that deliveries within Peninsular will take an estimate between 2-3 days. For deliveries across the Peninsular takes an estimate of 2-5 days depending on airline’s schedule and custom clearance process.

You may contact us at our Hotline Service at XXX during Operation Hours or drop us an email at

You may contact us at our Hotline Service at XXX during Operation Hours or drop us an email at